After looking into my baby boy’s eyes for the first time in the delivery room, I was overcome with the realization that I had never before had the ability to love someone so deeply.  Of course, that is not to suggest that I don’t love my husband with all of my heart, because I do; but the love that develops for a child you’ve grown and delivered, and vow to protect for the rest of your life is something totally different.  It’s a love that runs so deep that it instantly consumes you.  After taking our son home to begin our life as three, my initial thoughts were excitement and contentment.  I loved our new little family so much just the way it was, that I never felt the need to change it.  But like they say about so many things in life, once you have one, it’s not long before you start wanting another; so when my little boy turned three, my husband and I made a decision to grow our family by one more.

After a little effort, the stick finally read positive, so we made our journey to the doctor’s office, to confirm the good news.  As expected, I am now carrying another precious life, and everyone, even my caring little son, is waiting anxiously.

On April 19th my husband and I went to another scheduled OB appointment to see the growing peanut inside of me, and along with a good view, we got another surprise.  Looking from me to the digital display, the technician said excitedly, “here is Baby A and right here is Baby B.”

What!?!  You’re telling me I’m having twins?!?  I could hardly believe it, but right there on the screen in front of me was all the proof I needed.  I didn’t have one life growing inside of me, but two!

The minutes following the announcement were slightly blurry to me, as I was still processing the news.  Once the ultrasound was over, we were led to the office’s private waiting room, where I immediately sat down and cried.  A lot.  I felt so overwhelmed with the idea of caring for two infants and a toddler at the same time, but my husband remained calm and assured me that everything would work out fine.  His calmness comforted me.  I was then left with shock, which lasted the rest of the day, putting me in a sort of dreamlike trance for hours.  I had to continually look at the ultrasound pictures just to make sure I wasn’t actually dreaming!

Now that I’ve had more time to digest the news, the shock has subsided, and excitement has taken its place.  Having multiples is such a special and uncommon experience, that I feel so blessed to have this opportunity.  Not only are my husband and I beyond excited to imagine a future raising our three beautiful children together, but my son is too.  He’s already showing his ability to be a protective and loving older brother, as he makes it a point to kiss my belly everyday.  October can’t come soon enough.