Don’t Let the Monsters Under Your Bed Scare You Tonight

Instead, spray them away with Monster Repellent!

As parents, we have it ingrained within us the heavy responsibility of encouraging our children to always do their personal best – whether in school work, athletics, or social activities.  But, in order to achieve their best, imagination is sometimes essential in learning exactly what it is for which they are striving; do they hope to become a doctor someday?  A professional basketball player?  Or maybe a famous musician?

Regardless of their dream job, the imagination that took them happily skipping down the road to success can just as quickly change out of that crimson red fireman’s uniform, into a blue, two-headed, Cyclops with fangs hanging dauntingly from its open, drooling mouth.

And although we love them for their active imaginations, it can be quite the nuisance when it roars its ugly head in the middle of the night.  That’s why Chica and Jo developed “Monster Repellent Spray” to keep those frightening monsters at bay, allowing kids and parents to sleep peacefully through the night, knowing that nothing will disturb them from their slumber.

As Chica and Jo explain, creating this “Monster Repellent Spray” is as simple as buying a can of air freshener, and replacing its label with another.  If you’re the creative type, you are welcomed to design your own unique label to print on sticker paper.  Otherwise, feel free to use the provided label created by Chica and Jo.  Either way, the label needs to be printed on sticker paper, so that it will properly adhere to the aerosol can.  When cutting out the label, it is important to also leave a flap on one side, in order to allow for some overlap, and proper can coverage.

The last important detail to remember is to choose a soothing scent of air freshener.  The kids will fall asleep to this smell, knowing that it’s effectively keeping the monsters away.  Therefore, it has to be a smell that won’t be too overwhelming in the room, once sprayed under the bed, in the closets, and anywhere else where monsters may dwell.