Packing Lunches!

Packing lunch isn’t always about the kids. Don’t let yourself get neglected either. You have every opportunity to have a delicious, fun, healthy, fabulous lunch yourself. And you can pack yours at the same time as your child’s. For this lunch. I made wraps of smoked turkey, Swiss cheese, roasted red peppers, mayo, and romaine lettuce. With some tweaks for each lunch, you can everything done at the same time and pack a pleasing lunch for each person, including you!

Child’s lunch has sushi style version of the wrap described, with cucumber instead of romaine lettuce, 100% juice fruit snacks, almond buttercream chocolate chip cookie cup (homemade.. yum), orange segments, baby carrots, and cucumber.

My lunch had a wrap just as described, 2 cookie cups, blueberries, and carrots.


Hubby’s lunch had the same wrap, 2 cookie cups, extra romaine lettuce for salad, mandarin orange, and a mozzarella cheese stick.