Children’s Chores

As our children age, my husband and I have been working to instill within them a sense of responsibility and good work ethic.  Because we want them to understand the concept of a job well done, they are provided with a weekly list of chores, from which they can choose.  Each day they are required to write down the chores that they accomplish, and at the end of the week, their completed chores are totaled, and they receive a “paycheck.”  While we don’t want money to be the main focus of these chores (but rather responsibility and good work ethic), by financially rewarding them, we are also able to provide guidance to our children on how to save, give, and spend their money appropriately.

Although some days I will guide the kids on which chores I want them to do, I also make sure to let them choose how they want to earn their money. 
Following is the list of chores and what the kids earn for completing them.  Chores marked with an * are to be done daily.  If they did every chore on the list, every day, they would earn $15 a week.  Although not on the list, I also always expect them to make their beds, keep their bedrooms clean, put away their own clothes, and keep the playroom clean.


*Empty Dishwasher .10¢

*Fill Dishwasher .10¢

Clean Kitchen Sink .10¢

Clean Kitchen Counters & Table .10¢

Clean Bathroom Sinks & Counters .05¢

Clean Toilet .15¢

Vacuum Living Room & Hallway .10¢

Vacuum Basement .05¢

*Sweep Kitchen Floor .10¢

Sweep Bathroom Floor .05¢

*Sweep Landing & Stairs .10¢

Wash Kitchen & Living Room Windows .10¢

Dust Surfaces in Kitchen & Living Room .05¢

Dust Surfaces in Basement .05¢

Dust Piano .05¢

Clean Bath Tub .25¢

*Refill Toilet Paper Holder .05¢

*Empty Trash Cans & Take Out Trash .10¢

*Straighten Shoe Rack .05¢

*Take Everyone’s Laundry Downstairs .10¢

*Wash/Dry One Load of Laundry .10¢

*Fold One Load of Laundry .15¢

*Carry folded laundry to each person’s room or put laundry away (ex. towels in towel closet) .05¢


It’s important to guide your children in the appropriate way to do a chore, such as how you want the laundry done, dishwasher loaded, or specific item cleaned.  After teaching them the ropes, they will be much more successful and confident on their own.

Do you have your children do chores at home, and do they receive any kind of allowance or “paycheck” for completing them?