Product Review: BubuBibi Cloth Training Pants

Cloth diapering is becoming more and more popular among new mothers, and as a result, there are now all sorts of styles, colors, and options available for parents looking to embark on this economic diapering trend.  There are so many options, in fact, that perusing all of them can become dizzying and confusing.  I know, because I cloth diapered my son for nearly 2 years.  I took a hiatus from cloth diapers after that, but picked it back up again when I started potty training for the second time.

I made the change because frankly, I became tired of pull-ups – they are even more expensive than diapers, and I just wanted an alternative.  However, finding an alternative took quite some research.  I read reviews and forums, and spent night after night shopping online for the perfect solution.  I found several options, some cheap, some very expensive, ranging from a few dollars to nearly $15 per training pant.

Finally, I found what I needed – BubuBibi Training Pants.

Available in a variety of solid colors and cartoon prints, these training pants have a minty soft outer layer, a PUL lining, and a bamboo interior.  They also come equipped with snaps for tightening.  Fairly inexpensive, they can be purchased for $6.50 each, or as cheap as $5.86 each, if bought in bulk.

Although they are not entirely waterproof, I found them to be a great alternative to underwear, because while it holds some liquid, if the child urinates, they will feel wet on the inside.  However, if the child has a large accident, there will likely be leakage.

If desired, there are other options with full PUL exteriors that offer better protection against leaks, but I found them to be quite bulky and a little awkward.  Alternatively, the BubuBibi brand provides a more closely tailored fit, similar to standard underwear.

Our son wears these training pants to daycare, and although he does still have accidents, requiring changes usually 2-3 times a day, the daycare has had no complaints.  And neither has my son, who appears quite comfortable in his BubuBibi brand training pants.

Quite naturally, he is still refusing to poop in the potty, but cleaning the cloth training pants is easy enough.  Simply knock off the poop and throw them in the laundry.  We do laundry just about every other day, but if you want to keep everything separate, you can alternatively store them in a wet bag until there is a full load of training pants.

If you have cloth diapered your children, which brand did you like, and have you looked into cloth training pants?  My husband and I find them to be an awesome alternative to buying pull-ups.