Great (Lakes Bay) Moms is an all inclusive website made by moms, for moms.

The need for such a site was so great that 2 websites (3mommies and the original Great Lakes Bay Moms) with similar ideas and goals were created and launched at the same time. Upon discovering each other, both parenting groups decided to combine efforts under one unified name, to work toward bettering the community together. Each of our 14 team members, who make up the NEW Great(Lakes Bay) Moms, brings with her unique strengths and ideas, allowing for constant growth and improvement on behalf of the Great Lakes Bay Region.

This large team of mothers is very familiar with the struggles of parenthood, such as trying to find preschools, pediatricians, sports lessons, healthy food, and much more. Great (Lakes Bay) Moms is intended to help relieve some of the stress of raising children in the Great Lakes Bay Region, by providing all of the necessary resources under one location on the web.

The numerous resources provided are intended to help caretakers find local businesses, plan family events, and connect with other caretakers in the region. The articles written by Great (Lakes Bay) Moms’ team of mothers provide helpful tips for interactive
learning, healthy eating, parenting, and playtime, all while providing insight into the happenings taking place around town. Great (Lakes Bay) Moms is your prime resource for parenting in the Great Lakes Bay Region.


Kate Cardinali: Mom Extraordinaire 

Owner of Innovative Media & Design, and designer of Great (Lakes Bay) Moms, there is no denying that creative juices flow through her body.  Kate is our resident idea maker, and eternal optimist.  Having three kids of her own, 2-year-old Jack, and 1-year-old twins, Olivia & Adriana, Kate knows all about the joys (and challenges) of motherhood.  She envisioned Great (Lakes Bay) Moms as a public service for child caretakers in the Great Lakes Bay Region.  That is why we are dedicated to providing our readers with the most up-to-date and complete listing of local directories, events, and articles, as possible.  Kate is primarily a designer, but as the creator, and publisher of our website, she is involved in a little bit of everything.

Kate is a strong believer that every day is a blessing, and tries to live her life around five simple rules:
•    Free your heart from hatred.
•    Free your mind from worries.
•    Live simply.
•    Give more.
•    Expect less.


Hillary Swemba-Hagemeyer: Lesson Planning Mom

Co-founder and Creator of 3mommies

After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, Hillary continued onto graduate school, where she achieved a Master’s degree in Elementary Education. Undoubtedly suggesting her ability to work well with kids, she’s also a proud mommy of two young boys, ages 6 and 1, for whom she’s constantly developing meaningful, mind provoking activities for which they can play and learn together. Enthusiastically bringing her talent and education with her to the Great (Lakes Bay) Moms team, Hillary has been officially dubbed our very own “Lesson Planning Mom,” and is responsible for writing articles, demonstrating the variety of activities she plans for her family, so that our readers can enjoy them with their little ones as well.

Not originally from the Great Lakes Bay Region, Hillary is thrilled to take part in such a beneficial online resource targeting child caretakers who may be sporting the same shoes she walked into town wearing.


Jill Pfeiffer: Organizing Mom

Co-founder and Creator of 3mommies

A busy mother of 2 preschool aged children, Jill has learned that organization is the key to successful parenting. Giving up her dream job as a Collections/Exhibits Coordinator at a museum in Midland, she constantly draws on experiences from her past employment, and higher education degrees to be the most prepared and involved stay-at-home-mom possible. As an “out-of-towner,” Jill also finds joy in arranging and attending Moms Groups and Children’s playgroups, in order to meet new people and become more familiar with the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Putting her talent to good use, Jill has eagerly joined the staff of Great (Lakes Bay) Moms to maintain our lofty events calendar, as well as share stories and tips about life and parenting with our readers.


Michelle Mersy: Natural Mom

Michelle Mersy is the mother of two wonderful children, and a certified professional life and parenting coach, with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Michigan State University.  At the ripe age of 11, Michelle’s 6th grade teacher noticed her natural affinity for counseling, as peers would often come to her for guidance, and so he sent her to a course on peer mediation and communication.  The role of listener and motivator has stuck with her ever since.  When she’s not partnering with others to help make their dreams a reality, she likes to camp, cook, write, run, and color on the walls (in washable marker) with her kids, ages 5 and 8.  You may visit her website at

Michelle is a writer for Great (Lakes Bay) Moms, and host of our weekly online radio show.  Child caretakers with questions about raising children are encouraged to call in, and speak with Michelle for advice.


Katy Bauer: Merchandise Mom

Katy, owner of Sweet Peach Baby Boutique in downtown Bay City, decided to open her own shop after becoming pregnant, and noticing the lack of unique children’s products available in our area.  She loves working in downtown Bay City, and sharing her parenting experiences with others.  Katy’s inspiration for opening Sweet Peach, her 1-year-old son, Andrew, has also inspired Katy to be the best person she can be for her son, and to make healthier lifestyle changes.

Katy’s experience as a user, and seller, of various children’s products, makes her our expert “Merchandise Mom.”  At Great (Lakes Bay) Moms, she provides our readers with her perspective, and her clients’ perspectives, in regularly updated product reviews.


Lori: Hard-core Mom

Wife, and mother of five-year-old twin daughters, Elizabeth and Emmalyn, and <1-year-old boy, Moses, Lori loves being a stay-at-home mommy, and taking care of her family.  Lori and her husband, John, both love cooking and baking, and in her spare time, Lori enjoys using her degree in Fine Arts to do part time photography and design work for her business, Into the Light Photography.  She also uses her creative talents to organize and design invitations for such events as birthday parties and showers.

As a mother of three young children, Lori has vast knowledge regarding babies, and kids.  She breastfed her twins for 27 months, and is currently breastfeeding her son.  And she therefore considers herself to be somewhat of a breastfeeding expert, among other things.  Lori will share her parenting advice with Great (Lakes Bay) Moms as a writer, and forum moderator.