• Great Lakes Bay Region (residents, and visitors)
  • Anyone caring for a child (parents, grandparents, older siblings, etc)
  • Age range of 15-75 years old

Our readers are primarily mothers, with young children, looking for advice on parenthood.  At, our readers will be able to find a complete listing of directories and reviews of businesses within the region, an easy to follow family-friendly event calendar, articles written by moms, for moms, and a public forum to build connections, and relationships with like-minded people in the area.

Publication Type

Great (Lakes Bay) Moms is a website, updated daily.  The four main facets of the site include:

  • Local directories
  • Event calendar
  • Content/articles
  • Community forum

Target Audience
Great (Lakes Bay) Moms’ mission is to make great moms, even greater.  This site is intended to be a “one-stop shop” for families within the Great Lakes Bay Region, looking for advice on all aspects of raising children.

The site will initially focus on five main categories: Learn, Eat, Life, Town and Tips.  Each category will contain relevant articles, events, and advertisements, to help parents find the information they are seeking.

A large directory and inclusive event calendar will make it easy for parents to find exactly what they are looking for, if they are not coming to read the new weekly articles.  The directory will include such information as pediatricians, OB-GYNs, kid-friendly museums, dance studios, athletic classes, places to host kids’ parties, and more.

Editorial Profile, Description, and Calendar
Although localized parenting websites exist in many other cities within the United States, one does not currently exist within the Great Lakes Bay Region. Great (Lakes Bay) Moms will fill this void, by locating everything parenting-related within our region, in one place on the web.  Daily article updates, and “moms’ picks” will hold our readers attention, and keep them coming back for more helpful parenting suggestions.  Additionally, our complete listing of directories, and events, will save child caretakers countless hours worth of research.  Great (Lakes Bay) Moms also holds a public presence, as we both attend, and organize local events in all three counties in our region.  Some events that Great (Lakes Bay) Moms organizes are play dates for parents and children, and Mom’s Night Out, for parents.  Our team of writers, designers, and mothers, are confident that Great (Lakes Bay) Moms will become the most frequented go-to website for parents within our region.


  • Graphical Sitewide Post it (side ad, 300×250) – $50/month
  • Featured Article written by Great (Lakes Bay) Moms – $100/article
  • Featured Article written by Business – $50/article
  • Your Event as our Daily Pick (exclusive all counties) – $20/day
  • Newsletter – Letterboard – $50/month (4 Newsletters per month)
  • Sponsorship of Great (Lakes Bay) Moms event
  • *Ad Design Fee – $35

Graphical Ads
Advertisers will be able to choose from a variety of advertising packages.  Graphical ad space will be available on the tops, and sides of each page, and can be purchased in one-month increments.  Graphical ads will rotate as pages are refreshed, therefore featuring multiple advertisers at once.

Content-Only Ads
Content-only ads will feature advertisers in articles on the most relevant page.  The advertiser can provide information, or will be contacted with questions, and a Great (Lakes Bay) Moms reporter will write a 350-500 word article about the business, event, or product.  All content-only ads will be featured on the site for one week, before being archived; they will never be removed from the website.

Ad Deadlines
Advertisements on the site will be updated the first Monday of every month.   To secure a spot on the website, ads should be submitted via email to by the last Monday of the month.

Payment and Ordering Options
Contact Kate at Innovative Media & Design by phone, at 989.402.1199, or by email, at

Publishing Company
Innovative Media & Design, 922 Washington Avenue, Bay City, MI 48708