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Raising a Child Athlete

Written by a guest blogger When Dan and Renee Bolster went furniture shopping, they expected to purchase a brand new La-Z-Boy – instead, they came home with a cover boy.  After entering the furniture store, it was apparent that they had stumbled upon a book signing, advertising Rocks Across the Pond, a first person account […]

Expect the Unexpected

Written by: guest blogger, Courtney It seems the clichéd adage, “expect the unexpected,” has pretty much summed up the journey I’ve been on for the past few years.  Although there was a time when I thought I had my life perfectly planned out, it didn’t take long to figure out just how wrong I had […]

A Clean Diaper = A Happy Baby

Written by guest writer, Amy Trogan When was the last time you had already made it out of the house, before realizing you had forgotten to stock up the diaper bag?  Chances are, it was more recent than you’d like to admit.  Don’t worry, it happens to all moms, and the same thoughts usually run […]

Great Things Come in Very Small Packages

Written by: guest blogger Marcy Chambers I have been blessed with two beautiful, healthy children, with another one on the way. Unfortunately though, my little blessings did not start out as healthy.  My daughter was born prematurely, when I was only 30 weeks pregnant.  Because I’m generally a pretty healthy person, the doctors had no […]

Children Do the Craziest Things

Written by guest blogger, Claire Clark There are moments in our lives when our children take our breath away.  They do something so unexpected that we are often left speechless.  Sometimes it’s a sweet moment that nearly brings tears to our eyes.  Other times it’s so hilariously funny that it causes a smile to break […]

Top Five Travel Destinations Near Home

Oftentimes people say they want to wait to have children, because they want to travel the world.  I know, because I’m one of those people.  And yes, while traveling the world with a child in tow may present issues beyond that of jet leg, and culture shock, traveling all together does not get thrown out […]

From a Mother of Multiples

Written by guest blogger Danielle Socier As a mother of triplets, I have been called many things – Superwoman, Saint, and Hero seem to be the most popular, but ironically, they are also my least favorite.  You see, when you raise multiples, at least for the first year or so, you are honestly just getting […]

The Most Beautiful Gift

I enjoy writing about pretty things – nail polish, eye shadow, and even expensive tea that is worth every penny.  Today, I want to write about the prettiest thing I’ve come across to date.  In fact, pretty doesn’t quite do it justice – beautiful is more like it. That beautiful thing I’m speaking of is […]

What’s Eating You? Better Yet – What Are You Eating?

The Hard Truth About Childhood Obesity So the United States may not rank as the best educated, most tech-savvy, or least environmentally deleterious nation on the planet.  But it does have one thing – obesity. Wait.  What? It may be partly due to the fact that we have nearly 4 times as many McDonald’s Restaurants […]