Gym-Jesters (Saginaw)

Business Information

Address: 323 Weiss Street, Saginaw, MI

Phone: 989-754-7401

For the past forty-five years Gym-Jesters has offered amazing programs for children as young as 9 months. Basic loco-motor skills, bats, balls, swinging, striking, kicking, throwing, fitness, and creative rhythms make up our yearly curriculum. We incorporate musical games using colors and shapes. Activities progress as your child grows; music, fitness, basic gymnastics and cooperative skills are emphasized.


For the past thirty years Gym-Jesters has offered the solution to all parents who wish to see their children confident with themselves. Two to three years in our program challenges and changes a child’s concept of their abilities for the rest of their life. Do you remember when you first rode a bicycle? Mrs. Fry states, “Many adults have shared with us their childhood memories of hours spent at Gym-Jesters.” It is wonderful to watch fears melt away and confidence grow. Gym-Jesters is able to take children out of their comfort zone, in a very comfortable learning space. I know for a fact, that we have impacted the lives of thousands of children.

Classes are small and we have lots of equipment in a large friendly facility. We offer the opportunity to work on listening skills and small group cooperation.



10 to 24 months old

The child must participate with one parent and be walking. Three major themes emphasize visual perception, development of large muscle groups, and body awareness which includes; balance, rhythmical, and manipulative skills. Children work individually with their parent and instructor at their own pace learning to try new tasks in an atmosphere designed to create good feelings about one’s self. Parents are encouraged to use word phrases to promote good feelings and encourage a spirit of willing cooperation with their child. Children are ready for the next class when they appear confident and are nearing 24 months old.