Midland County Great Start - Parent Coalition

Business Information

Address: 337 Lemke St. Midland MI 48642

Phone: 989-492-7700

What is the Parent Coalition?
The Great Start Parent Coalition is an important component of the Great Start System in Midland County. The Great Start Collaborative (GSC) is composed of community leaders from the fields of physical health, mental health, business and philanthropy, as well as parents. The Parent Coalition works in conjunction with the GSC and the Central Resource Center (RCC).

The GSC and the Parent Coalition work together to oversee the planning, implementation, collaboration and ongoing improvement of programs and services to children in our area. The GSC focuses on early childhood resources for all children prenatal to kindergarten. The vision of the Great Start Collaborative is to ensure that all children will enter kindergarten safe, healthy, and ready to succeed in school and in life!

For more information: http://greatstartmidland.org/parents/parent-coalition/