Quick and Inexpensive Thanksgiving Projects: For Kids and Mom too!!

Traci Jaime married her high school sweetheart and currently stays at home, to care for their two young children, in the Great Lakes Bay Region. She is an aspiring children’s book author, who writes her own blog www.adayinmommyhood.blogspot.com, about her experiences as a mother. She is an avid crafter and has recently created a new blog, www.tracicreatesit.wordpress.com, where she will share craft and party ideas.

Quick and Inexpensive Thanksgiving Projects: For Kids and Mom too!!


Thankful Plates

What better way to remember what your child was thankful for this year?

Items Used:

Solid White Plate (dollar store)

Permanent Markers (dollar store)

    1. I started off, by sitting down with my 3-year-old, and discussing what it means to be thankful. I wrote “I am thankful for…” and the year on the plate and then let her draw pictures of everything she is thankful for.
    2. On the back, I made a list of what she had drawn. I did the same to my 1-year-old’s plate and let him color freely.
    3. When they were done, I popped the plates into the oven, set at 350 degrees for 20 minutes to make sure their artwork was permanent. These plates turned out so adorable and will be fun to look at each year.

Handprint Turkey Potholders

I noticed a lack of Thanksgiving decorations around my home, so I decided to make something special with my kids.

Items Used:

Solid Color Potholders (dollar store) Acrylic Paint Permanent Marker (dollar store)    
  1. I painted my daughter’s hand, and helped her press it firmly against the potholder.
  2. Once it dried, we added the legs, beak, gobbler, her initials and the date.

Simple and so sweet to see her little hand turned into a turkey!



Elegant and Easy Table Décor

My goal is always to impress without spending a lot of money!

Items Used:

Wineglasses (dollar store) 3 Candles (dollar store) Cylinder Vase (dollar store) Small Pumpkin Bag of Corn Kernels Fall Garland (dollar store)

  1. I pulled apart a fall garland and spread the pieces throughout the table. The wineglass were turned upside down and used as candle holders.
  2. I filled the cylinder vase with corn kernels, using a toilet paper roll in the center to make it look fuller than it was.
  3. Finally, I added the pumpkin. This took very little cash and time, and looked gorgeous when it was all put together.