*Smoothie recipes you can actually handle!*

Michelle Mersy, C.P.C. is the mother of two wonderful children (who do eat smoothies with greens, but not snake oil), and a certified Life and Parenting Coach. Connect with her on Facebook, or call/text her at: 989-397-8386. www.MichelleMersy.com.


Now that school’s out it feels like my girls are asking for food non-stop. This is a good sign; it means that the kiddos are growing, that they are able to identify the signs of hunger from their bodies, and they feel as though they can ask me for things that they need. (Ok, those were a stretch. Stay with me here.)

However, it also means that not only am I busy running my three businesses, volunteering, maintaining a household, keeping up with family and other relationships, and of course trying to be the best Mom I can to these two wonderful children, but now I have to squeeze “constant snack-making” into my already overfull job description.  If you’re anything like me, this constant “I’m hungry!” from them means either (a) you lose the already limited time you had to actually make/eat anything for yourself, (b) you fantasize about screaming, “make your own [darn] lunch!”, (c) your kids are eating cereal much too often, or the ever-popular (d) …all of the above.

But wait—there is a solution! A yummy, healthy, and dare-I-say EASY treat that you can handle and maybe even enjoy. Something you can make in your limited time, and that you may even entrust your kids to make! I know, because my family has already gone through “all of the above” scenarios, and we have come through to the other side: The land of super-simple smoothie recipes.

Yes, smoothie-making AND eating can be fun & enjoyable for the entire family! Below are a few recipes my girls and I encourage you (and your kids) to try. These can be made in any blender, but we love using the “grab & go” personal-sized ones, where the canister can also function as a cup.

FYI: Smoothies are the most fun & tasty when… eaten? drank? Sipped! … through a thick straw.


*Grace’s Yummy Banana Smoothie*

1 banana
½ cup soy-milk (that’s her fave, but any milk can be used)
½ cup ice
sprinkle of nutmeg (optional)

Blend all ingredients until… well… smooth! Enjoy!


*Violet’s Watermelon Cooler*

cold watermelon, cut into chunks

Watermelon is mostly water, so when you blend it, it turns into this great cool frothy beverage! Tip: You may need to compress bottom pieces with a spoon, or add a small amount of water/melon juice to get the blending started.


*Michelle’s “anything goes” smoothie*

Approximately 1 cup fruit, frozen or fresh (we like bananas & berries, but anything goes!)
Maybe around 2/3 cup liquid (any kind of milk, juice, or combo)
Handful of green leafy vegetables for the adventurous (e.g. spinach, stemmed kale, chard)
crushed ice (if desired)
small-large scoop of nutritional supplements (optional)
– such as: soy/rice/whey protein, flax seed, probiotic powder, snake oil

Sorry peeps, I don’t have very specific ingredients or amounts for this one. However, that level of freedom is what makes smoothie-making good for moms who don’t have time to follow life to a “T”. Unless the “T” is for “Throw it all together and watch it spin!”

Enjoy! Eat/drink, and be merry.

P.S. If you dare… share your smoothie recipes, stories, and pics in the comment section!