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Delta College Planetarium & Learning Center

100 Center Ave. Bay City, 989.667.2260, 

  The Delta College Planetarium & Learning Center is a state-of-the-art facility funded by NASA. Kids can explore and learn about space through shows and features such as “The Space Explorer’s Hall.” Built in 1997, the Planetarium offers entertaining and educational shows as well as astronomy classes for Delta College students.


Tasty Tidbits – Did You Know? 

  • Be a Star!

The lobby floor features a layout of the stars visible to the naked eye from Bay City. These 621 stars are available for purchase, can then be engraved with the names you wish to honor. This is a great way to help fund the Planetarium, and also honor your own little space explorers!


  • Designed with Space in Mind!

The entire building is designed to represent space, from the Planetarium theatre located in the center of the building and painted red and orange to represent the sun, to the circular shape of the windows and rooms because most objects in space are round. Even the rooms are named after space objects–there is learning in almost every aspect of this building!


  • Out of the Ordinary

Not every aspect of the Planetarium is strictly about space, but learning is always the goal. The Planetarium also offers shows to teach kids about our planet, with shows such as Animalopolis and the Enchanted Reef. The Planetarium can enhance learning in almost any subject!


“The Delta College Planetarium benefits kids by providing a unique combination of science education and entertainment that is typically only found in larger metropolitan areas.” ~Nancy Douglas, Planetarium & Learning Center Coordinator


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Delta College Planetarium &

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By Marissa Schneider