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Colorful Character: Primed to Paint

Location: 487C N. Main St., Frankenmuth, 989.262.8199,


Primed to Paint is a studio that provides “instruction in a relaxing atmosphere to inspire individuals of all ages and artistic abilities”. Participants can choose a picture/class of their choice, bring in snacks and drinks they like and spend approximately two hours enjoying a guided painting lesson – discovering their inner artist and a sense of accomplished at their self-created masterpiece.


Tasty Tidbits – Did You Know…?

  • No Talent Needed

Primed to Paint is less about skill and more about the experience of creating art in an enjoyable way. “Anyone can do it,” says co-owner Deborah Oakwood. “I’d say 95 percent of our customers say ‘I can’t even draw a stick figure’, and they leave feeling relaxed and accomplished.” Classes are $20-$25/12×12 canvas and $30-$25/16×20 canvas.


  • Art With A Twist…Or Cake…

Following a national trend of “Wine & Canvas” studios, Primed to Paint encourages customers to bring adult beverages and snacks while enjoying a Mom’s Night Out, Date Night, Bridal Party or even a Work Party. The studio is also child-friendly, offering families creative time together, and hosts Birthday Parties and even Summer Art Camps. Primed to Paint travels to private parties, family reunions and more, too!


  • Walk-In To Your Studio

Primed to Paint recommends guided classes for ages 7 & up, but is available to all ages anytime – no schedule, no lesson, still a great experience. For $10/12×12 canvas or $20/16×20 canvas, anyone can walk-in – even artists who still “toddle” – and enjoy access to easels, paints, supplies and studio space for creating. Artists of any age can take advantage of Primed to Paint’s studio space and prices, anytime.


“I don’t think people understand how therapeutic and wonderful the experience is until they try it,” says Oakwood. “You can have a bad day or a bad week, and come in here, put a paintbrush in your hand, listen to the music and take a break from it all…and feel good. It’s so wonderful!”

Great Lakes Bay Moms Loves Primed to Paint!