By: Jen Wainwright


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Colorful Character: Jack Barstow Airport and EAA #1093

Location: 3610 Airport Drive, Midland, 989.835.3231,

Jack Barstow Airport is described as an airport that “belongs to the community”. Not only is the public welcomed to visit the airport and tour the hangar (building planes are stored in), but Jack Barstow Airport also houses a local chapter, # 1093, of the Experimental Aircraft Association. A group dedicated to encouraging pilots – both the young and the young-at-heart – the EAA #1093 hosts community events, sponsors scholarships and offers FREE opportunities to fly!


Tasty Tidbits – Did You Know…?

  • Young Eagles Take Flight

From 9 a.m. – noon on the second Saturday of every month except September, children ages 8 – 17 can fly for free at Barstow Airport! Volunteer pilots from the EAA #1093 are on-hand, donating their time and small aircrafts (including 2-seaters to 4-seaters, Cessnas, Pipers and more) while offering explanations of the planes and hands-on chances for children to take flight – introducing them to the world of aviation! For free! Watch the video at to learn more.


  • Soaring Beginnings At Camp

The EAA #1093 hosts “Aviation Camp” each year in June at Barstow Airport for students entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. Intended to introduce and encourage opportunities for careers in aviation, and inspire a love of flight, campers attend Aviation Camp daily for one week. Students learn many aspects of aviation, visit local hangars to see different planes, work with multiple instructors and learn how to map out a course – and then fly that course (with an instructor) at the completion of camp!


  • One Million Flying Kids

The EAA began nationally in 1992, and envisioned a goal of putting 1 million children into the air before the 100-year anniversary of flight itself in 2003 (the Wright Brothers first flew in 1903). They achieved and blew past that goal, and to-date more than 1.8 million children have taken flight with the EAA. Locally, Mike Woodley, president of EAA #1093, and Dot (Dorothy) Hornsby, creator of Aviation Camp and 79-year-old female pilot, have flown over 500 kids in our Great Lakes Bay region since 1999!


“The EAA, and Young Eagles, is a really great opportunity to make flying accessible to children,” says Ruthie Winslow, attendant at Barstow Airport. “A lot of kids that have flown have gone into Aviation Camp, gotten their pilot’s license and are now working for airports and flying for airlines. It’s really great.”

Great Lakes Bay Moms Loves Barstow Airport and EAA #1093!

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