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Colorful Character: Becca Watz, Henna Art By Becca



You may recognize Bay City resident and local artist Becca Watz by the intricate henna tattoos she has offered at Painterly Pottery locations and shops/restaurants around our Great Lakes Bay Region. Knowledgeable of multiple aspects of henna, Watz has conducted educational presentations on henna at the University of Michigan’s Early Childhood Education and Care Center, as well as local schools. The artist offers henna tattoos by appointment and at private parties, and has recently been embarking on a new journey – combining her love of multiple artistic mediums including henna, clay, oil painting and wood cutting at her new, currently private, garage-converted-to-Soul Sister Studio.


Tasty Tidbits – Did You Know…?

  • Henna Goddess

Watz attributes much of her vast knowledge of the henna plant – history, art and ethics associated with the plant – to a woman name Catherine Cartwright-Jones whom Watz refers to as the “Henna Goddess” and her mentor. Cartwright-Jones completed her PhD dissertation on henna at Kent State University, and associates only with lab-tested henna – clear of pesticides or any unnecessary, unsafe added chemicals – from India, Pakistan and Yemen. She aims to ensure that pure, safe henna is available in the U.S. Watz purchases her henna from Cartwright’s shop, Mehandi, as well as other suppliers who offer pure henna without additives.


  • “Hennafying”

From sweatshirts to tote bags, tables to picture frames – anyone can bring any item to Watz and she will personalize the item with a detailed henna design of choice for $25. Watz refers to the personalization as “hennafying”, and says that she enjoys the challenge of finding the right combination of applications to ensure the henna art will work on the item at-hand. Watz can be contacted through her website, or Henna Art By Becca via Facebook.


  • Potter At Heart

Watz earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science, and spent considerable time in the corporate world before “flipping her world” and delving into art as her career. With multiple educational seminars and traditional schooling in art now under her belt, Watz purchased a kiln and has begun making pottery intertwined with her passion for henna. The result: She’s working in her favorite medium, clay, creating one-of-a-kind ceramics that she sells through her website.

When working with henna, Watz charges only for the price of materials – not her time. “I want to always be giving back to this art form [henna],” says Watz, “what it has given to me. I’m heading in a new direction with Soul Sister Studio, and it’s exciting…my connection with henna will still exist, but it’s taking on a different form.”

Great Lakes Bay Moms Loves Henna Art By Becca!


My two loves...Henna and pottery


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