Parentpreneurs: How do they do it? – Tammy Royce

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Entrepreneur: the owner or manager of a business enterprise who, by risk and initiative, attempts to make profit.
Parentpreneur: See above, and also juggles the day-to-day demands of parenting, provides income for one’s family and attempts to live out one’s dreams.
Welcome to Parentpreneurs: How do they do it?   Meet Tammy Royce, resident of Midland, wife, homeschooling mother of four, and local Parentpreneur.   Originally, her husband, Paul, was the photographer of the family, but preferred taking pictures of still life and nature. He taught Tammy how to use the camera when they were dating, and ignited her passion for photography. Initially, she also mostly photographed still and nature. However, after helping with a couple weddings, she discovered her love for capturing candid emotion. As her children began school, she started taking their school photos herself. “After that, people started asking me to do their photos,” says Tammy. Her first official photography “job” was for a wedding in 2005. In 2007, Tammy joined Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, a non-profit organization that does Infant Remembrance photography. Parent 1 “I am called to a hospital when an infant is dying or has already passed and photograph them with their family; this gives the family lasting memories of their child. “ This ministry also led to more regular church ministry. She offers free sessions to any full time ministerial staff, and has photographed missionaries, pastors, evangelists, music groups, and orphanages in Mexico and Peru. She also does graphic design, website administration, and presentation materials for Reach International Ministries.   To market her services, Tammy relies on Facebook, her website, and word of mouth through clients, family, and friends. She encourages sharing pictures on Facebook, as long as her watermark is present, which allows people to share her work with others. This also allows her business to help support her family’s income while her husband, Paul, works full time. When asked how she incorporates work into her day-to-day life (which includes homeschooling her children), Tammy said, “It’s pretty well known around our house that if my computer is in front of me, that means I’m working! … I usually have ‘busy’ seasons (High School Seniors, Weddings, Holiday sessions) that my family knows that I will be spending lots of time in front of the computer. I can work on my laptop with the TV on, so sometimes I will ‘watch’ a movie with the family while working.” Parent 2 For Tammy, that proofing process is the worst. “Digital makes it almost harder because you can take as many photos as you like and not waste the “film”, but it’s a big time waster if you aren’t careful. I generally say about 10% of the photos I take are ones I actually keep.” Her goal is not to edit more than absolutely necessary, and she doesn’t believe in relying on the computer or software to take nice photos. Modern technology, she says, causes us to rely on a computer for good photos, rather than relying on true talent or ability. The best part? “Being able to look through the lens and capturing that emotion on a person’s face, or in their eye that you can’t normally see, unless time stands still.” And her favorite subjects? “Newborns. I love that they are so ‘new and innocent’. They are the best to take when they are within 7-10 days old. They are usually calm and sleepy and you can pose them almost any way you wish.” Parent 3 So what inspires Tammy to keep going? “When a client receives their photos and exclaims how much they love them, the smile on their face and their praise is worth it all!” You can find out more about Tammy Royce’s photography at her website,, or on Facebook at Tammy Royce Photography.