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Colorful Character: Avram Golden, photographer  

113 3rd St., Bay City, 989-893-7142, 



 Well-known locally and beyond for his quality photography, Avram Golden owns Golden Gallery & Custom Framing in downtown Bay City. The creative commercial photographer’s portfolio is an eclectic smattering of high-end commercial work, glorious landscaping and wedding imagery, photos from hometown birthday parties and family events, graduating senior shots, intimate portraits and – his personal passion – imagery from his travels. Golden greatly enjoys shooting what his mind’s eye is exposed to while traveling. “I look at the world as how I could photograph it,” Golden says. 



Tasty Tidbits – Did You Know…? 

  • Restorative Experiences  – Along with framing and in-house printing, Golden also offers photo restoration at Golden Gallery & Custom Framing. He says people often bring in older photos, perhaps water damaged or stuck to glass, and mistakenly think the photo is unsalvageable. He refers to restorative work as fulfilling. “It’s personal,” Golden says. “We’re able to bring smiles to people’s faces.”
  • Thanks, Mom & Dad  – Golden credits his parents for nurturing his entrepreneurship and passion for photography, backed with education in photography from Lansing Community College (and Northwood University/business). Growing up, his father was a photo enthusiast; Golden began shooting photos around the age of 12 while on family vacations, recalling images from California beaches and Yosemite among his first. Golden says his mom, owner of Cutting Castle salon for over 30 years, is entrepreneurial by nature, always selling or venturing into opportunities through her salon.
  • Who Knew? Not Even You – Golden also helps people see the potential in their own art. He enjoys people bringing him images taken on phones or old images found in the back of a closet, for example, that the owner doesn’t necessarily find special or worthy of much – and watching their face when he shows them what cropping, custom matting and framing can result in. “We can help people take something they’ve created … help them see the potential.”


“My goal, you could say, is making the ordinary extraordinary,” Golden says. “I enjoy working to create what clients are happy with, and to provide exciting, fresh images.” 

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