Glowing Bubbles… for the 4th or any occasion!

Fourth of July is just around the corner, and this year we moms have something fun to spice up an evening of fun and fireworks this week.  So whether you’re out at night celebrating Independence Day, or simply having an evening of backyard games and barbeque, this neat and simple project will be sure to keep the kids – and adults – entertained!

Making your own bubble solution is easy and fun, and you can make a big batch that will last all summer long.  In fact, I made several batches of the stuff in a kiddie pool for our table at the Free Music Fest in Freelend, threw a bunch of bubble wands in the pool, and all the kids who came to our table had a total blast! However, store-bought solution and homemade both work just as well for making bubbles that glow in the dark.

Recipe for Glow-In-the-Dark Bubbles!

1 small container of bubble solution* (clear plastic or glass jar is best!)
non-toxic glow sticks

*To make 1 gallon of your own bubble solution:
10 cups water
3 cups liquid dish soap
1 cup corn syrup

If making bubble solution, stir ingredients gently and pour into jar. Bend and shake glow sticks until they are glowing brightly. Then carefully cut off one end and pour the solution into the container of bubbles. The more glow sticks you use, the more the solution and the bubbles will glow!

Michelle Mersy, C.P.C. is the mother of two wonderful children who LOVE to make bubbles, and a certified Life and Parenting Coach. She affirms, “Stop just wishing things could be different. They can be, if YOU do something different. Coaching will make that difference.”

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