Little Hands are Helping Hands

I remember attending a play date once, at the house of a two-year-old boy, and being absolutely amazed when I witnessed him discard his used disposable plate.  The little boy’s mother told me that Jack, too, would soon learn to do little tasks like this, and she was right.  Even at a young age, your children can, and usually want to, help with little chores around the house.  Just remember to ask, and be patient.

When my twin girls were just babies, I taught Jack to bring me what I needed during changing, and to throw away all of the used diapers after I finished.  Although Jack was only 16-months-old when the girls were born, he was able and excited to help out.

During the last few months, the girls have also taken pride in throwing away their diapers, or whatever other trash they find.  Just beware, if your children get in the same habit, they just might throw away items that aren’t trash (like one of your red Tom’s shoes).

Other ways that children can help:

  • Clean, using natural cleaning supplies
  • Put drinks back on the table or counter
  • Pick up toys
  • Put away books
  • Clean up the tub after bath time
  • Help make snacks
  • Put shoes in order
  • Dust, with just a rag
  • Pair socks
  • Fold wash clothes