Ask the Parents – First Day of Kindergarten Jitters


My Sweet-Girl's first day of kindergarten!

First Day of Kindergarten Jitters

It is exciting, scary, and causes anxiety at all levels – it is the first day of school!  No matter what grade your child is entering these feelings are most likely present in your child, yourself or both of you.  Shopping for new clothes and school supplies and attending the school orientations helps to prepare for the big day.

But, is there more that can be done to make the day go smoothly, especially for those parents sending their kindergarteners or preschoolers off for the first time?  

Great Lakes Bay Moms posted this question on the Facebook page to learn what our community of parents do to ease their nerves on this day. This is what they had to say:


Here are other comments from years past:

  • Prepare them for what is expected when riding a bus, for instance they need to stay in one seat.
  • Show them your excitement and pride.  Tell them that you are proud of them!
  • ”Give them a kissing spot. Put a dot on their hand and kiss it. That kiss lasts all day long.  All they need to do is kiss it and it is just like kissing [their parent].”   
  • Buy some tissues
  • Breath deep – “If [the parent] is anxious, the child will be anxious … keep emotions under control!” 
  • Smile
  • Cry only after you leave.
  • ”Don’t stay too long! Give kisses/hugs and say goodbye and leave.”

Here’s to wishing everyone a first day of school that goes smoothly, is full of smiles, and if there are tears that they are only those of pride and happiness!

***Special thanks to the Facebook parents who replied to the question and allowed me to share their thoughts.