School at Home – The Bangor Township Virtual School (BTVS)

The Bangor Township Virtual School (BTVS)

The Bangor Township Virtual School (BTVS) is a 100% free K-12 online school located in Bay City, Michigan. We are proud to serve Bay, Arenac, Saginaw, Midland, Tuscola and Gladwin counties providing the flexibility and freedom for students and families to choose their educational paths to success. We service a wide variety of students including special needs, gifted and talented, honors, and any student who does not fit the mold of the traditional brick and mortar setting. Students can participate in field trips, dances, clubs, social events, tutoring, dual enrollment, community partnerships, career center courses, and more just as they would in traditional schools. Most importantly, BTVS employs a full team of certified and highly qualified teachers to meet the needs of all learners, and has a facility for students to utilize computers, internet, tutoring, breakfast and lunch, and a quiet place to work.

The Bangor Township Virtual School is the local choice for your personalized online education!

Amazing Opportunities for Students

When families choose BTVS, they are given all of the keys to their education, and forever become a part of the Bobcat Family. Our courses are open 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. This allows students to move at a pace that is comfortable, and even work ahead. It also allows students to participate in activities that traditional school schedules do not allow. We have gymnasts, figure skaters, travel hockey and soccer players, and motocross racers who work when they want, and are free to travel the country to compete. Many BTVS families also travel for vacation, work, or to visit relatives without missing school.

Our program works around the student’s life-style, and they can learn anywhere at any time as long as they have a computer and internet access.

Our students come from all walks of life. We service special education students, students with anxiety from classrooms and traditional school, and students suffering from depression or victims of bullying. We have gifted and talented students, honors level students, and even students behind in credits looking for an alternative route to graduation. Many students are fed up with the lack of course options in their traditional schools. That is why we have 200+ course options in subjects such as:

  • German Japanese Chinese Sign Language
  • Art Photography Theater Medical Terminology
  • Marketing Music Fashion Cosmetology
  • Culinary Arts Programming Graphic Art Psychology
  • Sociology Criminal Justice Law Philosophy
  • Game Design Honors Level K-8 Gifted and Talented
  • And Advanced Placement

However, students need more than just classwork to grow and succeed.


Unfortunately, most online schools in Michigan offer curriculum, but fail to offer opportunities for socialization. Thus, we have chosen a different route. At BTVS, we travel to 12+ destinations on academic and non-academic field trips including the Detroit Zoo, Johnson’s Pumpkin Farm, the USS Edson, Dow Gardens and the canopy walk at Whiting Forest, the River of Time, City Forest, the Bay City State Park and even Washington D.C. We also host our own prom, and have events surrounding various holidays throughout the year as well as student clubs that organize group activities such as gardening and improvisational sessions.

There are even opportunities to socialize and share experiences in hands-on learning environments for students who still love to learn in a more traditional way. High school students can dual enroll at Delta College earning 30+ college credits, or earn high school credit from a paid job through work-based learning. They also have the option to take courses at the Bay-Arenac Career Center such as building trades, dental occupations, nursing, cosmetology, welding, and many many more! Likewise, students can participate in community partnerships in art classes at Studio 23, aquatics and physical education at the YMCA, self-defense classes at Cosens MMA, horsemanship at Grand K Ranch, and digital photography with Stephanie Miller Photography Studio.

Contact Information

So, if BTVS is the learning opportunity that you want for your student, there are plenty of options to learn more. You can visit the website at, our Facebook page, our Twitter, or contact the school at 989-684-8121 extension 1212.

Remember, once a Bobcat, always a Bobcat! #bobcatnation


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