Librarian Secrets: Feast of Books

Librarian Secrets: Feast of Books

When the air gets cold and the leaves (and maybe some snowflakes) are falling, it is a great time for a family feast! Whether you’re gathering for Thanksgiving or another family occasion, here are a few favorite food themed read-aloud choices from the children’s department at Bay County Library System.

Grandma’s Tiny House by JaNay Brown-Wood

A large family and friends gather—but can they all fit? This rhyming and counting book celebrates the philosophy of “the more the merrier”.

Feast for 10 by Cathryn Falwell

Illustrating that “many hands make light work,” this counting book shows a loving family shopping for food for a gathering, then cooking it, and sharing it with their extended family.

Around the Table That Grandad Built by Melanie Heuiser Hill,

A cumulative tale building on each family member’s contributions to setting the table and preparing the meal.

Thank You, Omu! By Oge Mora

All of Omu’s neighbors smell her delicious “thick red stew” and come to sample a taste, but after it is all shared, no stew is left for Omu! An author’s note at the explains that in the Igbo language, “omu” means “queen” but in her family, it meant “grandma”. Stunning artwork and a message of generosity make this a great choice!

Giving Thanks by Ellen Surrey

This book suggests more than 100 ways people can show appreciation for others and gives ideas for projects like gratitude jars and thank you notes to encourage children to express themselves.

Balloons Over Broadway by Melissa Sweet

Tells the story of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade tradition and how puppeteer Tony Sarg’s giant balloons were developed and refined.

Contributor Bio: Anne Clark is the Children’s Coordinator for the Bay County Library System and the mom of two young children.

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