Parenting Podcast for Dads: No Perfect Dad

No Perfect Dad – Being a dad is more than barking orders and grilling. “No Perfect Dad” shares conversations between dad’s that don’t always get it right, but who never stop trying.

The Podcast

No Perfect Dad is a podcast created and hosted by Midland’s own Neil Sierocki.  There are currently nine episodes of Neil talking to dads about being dads.  They are local fathers sharing who they are, who their dad is/was, and how they see that relationship playing out in their own parenting. The idea behind the podcast is to encourage intentional engagement of fathers, to build a community of dads (if not in person at least through podcast), and to share the idea that we are not going to be perfect dads but we should continue to work towards being the best we can.

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Recent Episode:

The Presence of Dad: Stephen H.

If you’re a dad than you’ve been in Stephen’s shoes: a soon-to-be dad looking forward to the arrival of his first child. Listen in as Stephen describes his dad as a coach and a sage who filled the “dad gap” for his friends.

About Neil

Neil is a husband, dad-of-three, follower of Christ, and the Worship and Family Pastor at Our Redeemer Church in Midland, MI. Neil has spent the past ten years working with students (ages 11-19) as a mentor and pastor. He is currently working with the Bay-Arenac Great Start Collaborative to kickstart the fatherhood initiative, Great Start Dads.

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