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Parenting Podcast for Dads: No Perfect Dad

No Perfect Dad – Being a dad is more than barking orders and grilling. “No Perfect Dad” shares conversations between dad’s that don’t always get it right, but who never stop trying. The Podcast No Perfect Dad is a podcast created and hosted by Midland’s own Neil Sierocki.  There are currently nine episodes of Neil […]


Your Input is Needed McLaren Bay Regional, in Bay City Michigan, is collaborating with partnering agencies and select area health care providers to improve breastfeeding promotion and support in our community. We are in need of community members to join our Hospital-Community Task Force as your input is essential to addressing the challenges of meeting […]

A Father’s Advice – The Community of Dad’s

A Father’s Advice The Community of Dad’s <— Listen to audio recording Imagine yourself sitting at home, sitting on the couch, enjoying a bowl of popcorn or chips or whatever late night snack you have. Now imagine your T.V. is on, and it has a sitcom or movie playing, one based on the nuclear family: dad, […]

A Father’s Advice – Parenting: Easy, Isn’t It?

A Father’s Advice Parenting: Easy, Isn’t It? <— Listen to audio recording   I was recently scrolling through my social media feed (that’s long hand for “Facebook”) and my eyes locked onto a headline: “Justin Timberlake Criticized for Tone Deaf Comments on ’24-hour Parenting.’” Celebrity musician Justin Timberlake found some unwelcomed comments on Twitter for […]

2020 CENSUS: I Made Michigan $90,000 Today!

Census 2020 Today I did something important for you, for me, and for everyone who lives in Michigan. I completed the 2020 Census. By including all five members of my family in the count, our great state will receive approximately $90,000 of federal funds over the next 10-years! Census data will be used for the […]

A Father’s Advice: Are You Listening?

A Father’s Advice: Are You Listening? “If you can: start giving bad habits up and start being yourself. Now is the time to do it, because if you start, it will only take a bit of time to give you a lot of time. I’ve taken a lot of your advice, try to take some […]

Pregnancy, Birth… And Dads? Dads’ Crucial Role in the Childbearing Year

Photographs are courtesy of Kendra Renee Photography   Pregnancy, Birth… And Dads? Dads’ Crucial Role in the Childbearing Year Ah, pregnancy and birth. What a beautiful time in our lives as we become mothers. We get showered with gifts, no longer have to find excuses just to get pampered, and get to wonder what our […]

Why Dad Matters: Part 2 — Research Piece

“STAR WARS! STAR WARS! STAR WARS!” My boys chanted these words until I relented. I grabbed the FireStick remote, flipped to Disney+ and clicked on Episode II: Attack of the Clones. SPOILER ALERT: As I watched Anakin sink further into a darker character, I already knew that he would transition into the infamous Darth Vader. […]

WHY DAD MATTERS: Part 1 – Experience/Opinion Piece

Author’s note: this is a two-part post. Part one will focus on the author’s own experience and opinion. Part two will dive into some data research in order to build on the conclusion. Phone in hand, my mother looked at me with a stone-cold face. “He’s dead. Dad’s dead.” “Grandpa?” was my response. “No. Your […]