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HOME SCHOOL CULTURE: Community in the Great Lakes Bay Region

When our family decided to home school, we tried to make purposeful decisions that would help create life experiences for our kids that revolved around community. We either joined existing or created multitudes of fun classes and events that took advantage of the experts that live and work in the Great Lakes Bay Region. Now, […]

2019 Michigan Great BUDDY WALK®

NATIONAL BUDDY WALK® Program PROMOTES INCLUSION FOR PEOPLE WITH DOWN SYNDROME in Celebration of Down Syndrome Awareness Month The 2019 MI great Buddy Walk® is one of over 250 Buddy Walk® events planned in cities across the country this fall in and around October in celebration of Down Syndrome Awareness Month. The Buddy Walk® was […]

Tips & Words of Wisdom for Parents of First Time Middle Schoolers

Middle School!!! These two words loom over my household as the first day of school quickly approaches.  I will be a mother of a middle schooler and what makes this so difficult for her father and I are all the unknowns.  I attended a K-8 grade school, which makes this new adventure even more of […]

School at Home – The Bangor Township Virtual School (BTVS)

The Bangor Township Virtual School (BTVS) The Bangor Township Virtual School (BTVS) is a 100% free K-12 online school located in Bay City, Michigan. We are proud to serve Bay, Arenac, Saginaw, Midland, Tuscola and Gladwin counties providing the flexibility and freedom for students and families to choose their educational paths to success. We service […]

Home School!?!?

Amy is a mother and an educator.  She and her husband have been homeschooling their children for seven years. Home School!?!? It’s true, and I’ll be completely honest. Eight years ago, I thought that home schoolers were crazy, unnatural, and bizarre. Why subject themselves to the never ceasing concern of those wondering, “What do you […]

“MY BROTHER”: Local Mother & Daughter Teach Kids About Epilepsy

Lisa is a wife and teacher, currently a stay at home Mom of three children. She loves to bake, sew, and Tap and Jazz dance (this is her 37th year dancing) and helping children with a wide range of abilities find new ways of learning while having fun enjoying life.   MY BROTHER: Local Mother […]

Our Special Needs Journey

This is the story of a Great Lakes Bay family’s journey navigating parenting a child in our community with special needs. To protect the privacy of this family, we have changed their child’s name and some minor details. Our Special Needs Journey Like any mother, when my oldest child, Alison, was a baby I worried […]

Ask the Parents: Activities & Organizations for Child with Communication Disorder

Activities & Organizations for Child with Communication Disorder (Similar to Autism) Great Lakes Bay has many organizations that offer programs for children who have been diagnosed with autism.  However, children that do not receive this diagnosis status but need special assistance, are left in the dark with parents paying out of pocket.  This Ask the Parent […]

Ask the Parents – Where are the SUPPORT GROUPS and EVENTS for Working Parents?

  Where are the SUPPORT GROUPS and EVENTS for Working Parents? Parents who  work all day are frustrated!  Many are unable to find the support groups and events in the evening hours for themselves and their children.  When this question was asked on the Great Lakes Bay Moms Facebook page a number of followers shared […]

Ask the Parents – First Day of Kindergarten Jitters

  First Day of Kindergarten Jitters It is exciting, scary, and causes anxiety at all levels – it is the first day of school!  No matter what grade your child is entering these feelings are most likely present in your child, yourself or both of you.  Shopping for new clothes and school supplies and attending […]