The Midland Center for the Art’s SENSORY FRIENDLY Performance of JOSEPH

Sensory-Friendly Performance of JOSEPH  The arts are a place where everyone should be welcome – welcome to experience a great story, a moving piece of music, take in or create great works of visual art. However, children and adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), developmental disabilities, sensory processing disorder, PTSD, and other sensory sensitivities don’t […]

The Great Lakes Bay Mom Prom on Saturday, February 23, 2019

Family & Children’s Services – We inspire hope and well-being for people of all ages by providing counseling, education and support services. Our vision is for everyone to feel welcome to come as they are and leave as they would like to be.   The Great Lakes Bay Mom Prom How do 300 women have […]

Little Hands are Helping Hands

I remember attending a play date once, at the house of a two-year-old boy, and being absolutely amazed when I witnessed him discard his used disposable plate.  The little boy’s mother told me that Jack, too, would soon learn to do little tasks like this, and she was right.  Even at a young age, your […]

Keeping a Sleep Schedule

Although not all parents do so, I believe that keeping children on a routine sleep schedule helps build structure that babies and toddlers need.  Because our oldest is now three years old, we are a bit more lax with him, but the twins follow the same schedule every night. Tips for following a schedule: As […]

Birthday Parrrrrty Planning in 5 easy steps!

By Liberty Starkweather Smith What makes a birthday party great for kids? There are a lot of factors that go into answering this question. In the next few minutes we are going to discuss ways to make your next party, and future parties, huge successes. The following steps help pinpoint things to pay attention to. […]

Tips for Camping With Kids!

  For some people, the idea of spending a few days and nights in the Wild Outdoors will give you the creepy-crawlies. You might imagine dirt under your fingernails, bugs in places you’d rather not have them be, and things that might rattle the tent – from the outside, that is – in the night. […]

Glowing Bubbles… for the 4th or any occasion!

Fourth of July is just around the corner, and this year we moms have something fun to spice up an evening of fun and fireworks this week.  So whether you’re out at night celebrating Independence Day, or simply having an evening of backyard games and barbeque, this neat and simple project will be sure to […]


Discover something you might not know…about a local place or face you might just love! Colorful Character: Avram Golden, photographer   113 3rd St., Bay City, 989-893-7142, www.avramgolden.com   Well-known locally and beyond for his quality photography, Avram Golden owns Golden Gallery & Custom Framing in downtown Bay City. The creative commercial photographer’s portfolio is an eclectic […]

Spring Blessing

It was springtime when one of the best things to ever happen to me occurred – I gave birth to my Sweet Girl, who in return made me a mommy.  I always wanted to be a mother, and I often imagined what it would be like to be pregnant and to deliver a baby.  Of […]

DIY Spring Cleaning (Focus)

By Liberty Starkweather Smith Ahhhh…it’s spring time. The grass is greener, the flowers are popping up, and in our case, our beloved dog is tracking in all sorts of mud. Mud that we thankfully haven’t seen since fall. On my quest to rid the house of this mud, I realized that it was also this […]