DIY Spring Cleaning (Focus)

By Liberty Starkweather Smith Ahhhh…it’s spring time. The grass is greener, the flowers are popping up, and in our case, our beloved dog is tracking in all sorts of mud. Mud that we thankfully haven’t seen since fall. On my quest to rid the house of this mud, I realized that it was also this […]

Ick! Are You Storing Your Toothbrushes Incorrectly?

By: Jen Wainwright   In your home, you store your toothbrushes: a) in a drawer. The vanity is cluttered enough without toothbrushes there, too. b) in a cabinet. Lying next to each other, not on top of each other (most of the time). c) in a cutesy cup. The kids chuck them in there each […]

JEN’S ZEN ~ Scarred

  By: Jen Wainwright Sitting on our bathroom counter, staring into the mirror, my five-year-old ran her fingers along the scar on her forehead. “Will my scar ever go away, Mama?” “No, baby girl. It will keep fading, but it will not.” She ran her fingers along the pink, tender area, smiled a few times, […]

Imagination Library

As a result of the United Way’s investment and the financial support of other local donors, every child under the age of five who resides in Midland County is eligible to receive a FREE age appropriate book each month until their fifth birthday. Who doesn’t love free books?! Early literary skills are essential to a […]

“I’m Bored” activities for Spring Break!

By: Hillary   SpRiNg BrEaK is right around the corner and I’m beefing up my arsenal of “i’m bored” activities. I have made all of these science projects with my boys and they were a huge success. I plan to bring these back along with a few other. Stay tuned next week for a few more! […]


Who is behind making our region a mecca for family-friendly events and places? Read Colorful Characters… and Tasty Tidbits, our local version of People magazine. Get to know the Faces and Places of our Great Lakes Bay region! Colorful Character: Spring Break Family Fun Center Location: Premium Outlets in Birch Run, 989.624.1300, www.springbreakinc.net Spring Break […]

JEN’S ZEN ~ Rich

By: Jen Wainwright Driving to school the other morning, we passed a new shop opening in Old Town Saginaw. The owner is a youngin’ of about 22, good friends with my little brother, venturing into business in a unique, and somewhat lost trade – he is a cobbler (by definition: one who mends or makes […]


By: Jen Wainwright Discover something you might not know…about a local place or face you might just love! Colorful Character: Jack’s Bicycle Shop 207 3rd St., Bay City, 989-684-1735, www.jacksbikeshop.com Jack Havercamp opened “Jack’s Bicycle Shop” in 1976 in a renovated garage. Nearly 40 years later, his grandson’s Nick and Chad Mehl now carry on […]

Parentpreneurs: How do they do it? – Tammy Royce

By: Jessica Wright Entrepreneur: the owner or manager of a business enterprise who, by risk and initiative, attempts to make profit. Parentpreneur: See above, and also juggles the day-to-day demands of parenting, provides income for one’s family and attempts to live out one’s dreams. Welcome to Parentpreneurs: How do they do it?   Meet Tammy […]

JEN’S ZEN ~ My Neck, My Back

By: Jen Wainwright How the hell did I get here? Every parent already knows the answer. How did I get here, barely able to walk, limping from my bed to the medicine cabinet – hoping and praying that I had remembered to buy pain reliever on one of those trips to the store even though […]