Love, Pizza and Cookies

By: Lisa B. Lisa B. is a stay at home mom of three little boys and one of our fabulous Great Lakes Bay Moms Members.  When they are not pretending to be super heroes, all 4 can be found in the kitchen making creations for the freezer.  For more information on Lisa, look her up […]

Tis the season for candy hearts, chocolates, cheesy grins and LOVE!

By: Hillary Tis the season for candy hearts, chocolates, cheesy grins and LOVE!   I’m starting my “research” early and getting prepared. I’ve scoured Pinterest looking for cute yet – gender neutral valentines, tasty treats for my sweets and activities to keep my boys busy! Please share your so cute – I can’t help but share – homemade valentines […]

My Cool Community – Birch Run

By: Jill Armentrout My husband is surprised that I send out 60 cards for Christmas. “Do we know that many people?” I guess I do including friends from college, some of whom I haven’t seen since; our families near and far away; and new friends in Birch Run. He has lost track of the roommate […]

JEN’S ZEN ~ 2015. Feel It.

By: Jen Wainwright Our New Year is here! How’s 2015 going for you so far, Parent? Resolutions? Goals? Are you thinking about what you want out of your year? More importantly, though, have you asked yourself this invaluable question: What do you want your year to feel like? It’s this most important answer that we […]

Family Movie Night…. Armentrout style

By: Jill Armentrout Since most of the movies I see in theaters (for the past 5-10 years) are with my children, I try to find films that will entertain all of us. It’s not too difficult as today’s family movies usually have something for adults too. I agree with critics that it’s a pain when cartoons […]

What Do You Mean You Homeschool?

By: Jessica Wright   In my entire academic career, I can only remember playing sick once. I was that kid who would rather go to pre-algebra than stay home sick. Learning is fun! And you can only watch so much Disney before even an eleven-year-old is ready to scream of boredom. That in mind, when […]

Feeding Our Feathered Friends!

by: Jen Wainwright   Winter is a difficult season for birds who stick around in northern climes. Their usual foods are in short supply at the same time they need extra stamina to keep themselves warm. Feeding the birds throughout the chilly, winter weather has proven rewarding and enjoyable for our family. Our simple bird […]

Ho-Ho-Homemade Window Clings

By: Jessica Wright Sledding and snow forts are fantastic, but sometimes Michigan gives us days that are just too cold to play in. To combat cabin fever, we’ve rounded up a recipe for homemade window clings to keep kids creating all winter long. ***Note: The amount of supplies varies depending on how many clings you […]

JEN’S ZEN ~ Unwrap and ENJOY

By: Jen Wainwright What can I possibly gift you, my friends and fellow parents? Aside from a hearty and heartfelt THANK YOU for reading, sharing, commenting and just being present and part of my accidental blog that, in many ways, has catapulted me out of my comfort zone of journalism…and become a wonderful experience for […]

Mommy Brain

By: Claire Clark At 4 months of age, my youngest started wheezing. His three big brothers have varying degrees of asthma, so I wasn’t too alarmed. Our pediatrician prescribed nebulizer treatments and sent us home with a script for nebulizer tubing. I packed the four boys in the car and headed to the medical supply […]