JEN’S ZEN ~ Days Like This

By: Jen Wainwright I officially got my ass handed to me this morning in the game of Life we all play in once school begins. You see, well what had happened was… The alarm went off, and I pushed snooze. Twice. (Alright, thrice.) It was Wednesday, and the kids were readying for school. The clock […]

Great Lakes Bay Autism Center

Family Support Group with the Great Lakes Bay Autism Center starts meeting Sept. 18, 6-7:30 at Mid Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum. The Great Lakes Bay Autism Center and the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum host family support group meetings once a month from September through May. Meetings will be held on Thursdays, from 6-7:30 p.m. Monthly Meeting Dates: […]


By: Jen Wainwright Discover something you might not know…about a local place or face you might just love! Colorful Character: Your Name Here Location: 925 S. Main St., G5, Frankenmuth River Place Shops, 989-652-7728, https://www.facebook.com/YNHFrankenmuth Your Name Here is a non-franchise, locally-owned shop located in the Frankenmuth River Place offering everything from photo frames, coffee […]

JEN’S ZEN ~ Bye, baby

By: Jen Wainwright                     She stepped up onto the diving block, took a diving stance – and the whistle blew. But she didn’t jump into the water like the other kids. She hesitated…stood up, and I watched crippling fear grab a hold of my child. She […]

Mama Says: Tonsillectomy Tips and Tricks

By: Jen Wainwright Parent = nurse, doctor, psychologist, chef, server, etc. We run the gamut when it comes to the roles we perform as parents. We experience stiches, broken bones, hurt fingers to hurt feelings… That said, after a long bout with strep throat and multiple rounds and types of medicine, my nine-year-old daughter was […]

Parentpreneur: How do they do it?

By: Jen Wainwright   Entrepreneur: the owner or manager of a business enterprise who, by risk and initiative, attempts to make profit. Parentpreneur: See above, and also juggles the day-to-day demands of parenting, provides income for one’s family and attempts to live out one’s dreams. Welcome to Parentpreneurs: How do they do it? A husband […]

An Organized Medicine Cabinet‏

By: Claire Clark I was going to write about organizing kids toys, but then I walked into our playroom and it looked like this: I’m sorry if that image is now burned into your retinas. Time to purge some toys. (And time to self-evaluate. Clearly, I am not a naturally organized person.) Instead I will […]

JEN’S ZEN ~ 36

By: Jen Wainwright My birthday is around the corner. I’m far from having it all figured out, for sure, but with almost 36 years under my belt, 9 years of parenting (with an added bonus of twins), over 15 years of step-parenting, 16 years in a committed relationship, a college degree, multiple jobs and a […]

Top 6 Frugal Date Night Ideas

By Liberty Starkweather Smith Do you find it hard to make time for “date night”? Life can be so eventful. So eventful, that days turn into weeks, months, and then all of a sudden you can’t remember the last time you were on a date. I’m a firm believer in making sure that you are […]